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In Consciousness the player takes on the role of an entity with no form, and must possess other hosts to fight and progress.

How to play

To start the host switch process, first hold the space bar. This will activate one of the jump charges if any are available and start the aiming process, to aim the charge use the mouse. To complete the jump, simply let go of the space bar.

To fire the weapon in your primary slot press the left mouse button, the player can switch between primary and secondary weapons using the scroll wheel. The weapon in the players primary slot can be dropped by pressing Q and new weapons can be picked up from the floor by standing next to them and pressing F. Weapons can be reloaded by pressing R.

For example this technique can be used to disarm hosts:

Once all waves have been cleared and hosts are defeated, the exit doors will open and the player is free to continue to the next floor  - every 5th floor marks a checkpoint preventing the player having to reset to floor one each time:

As the Consciousness levels up the player will gain bonus abilities to aid in their battle:


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